Garry on Crime


Every Chicagoan deserves to feel safe. Despite years of promises from the Mayor, crime continues to spread and infect every neighborhood in the city. Shootings at Water Tower Place, on Michigan Avenue, and in the Gold Coast are commonplace. Once peaceful neighborhoods are overwhelmed with violence. Car-jackings and robberies have surged across every community in the city. Crime has entered every corner of the city. No place is safe. Nothing will change in Chicago until we first make it safe and livable. I will be ready to lead on DAY ONE to make this city safe again.

Crime is the root of much of our city’s problems. When violent crime rises, many families leave the city in search of safer communities.  That drains our city of diversity and erodes our tax base.  What is Mayor Emanuel’s reaction? He closes schools in the very neighborhoods that need them most, robbing them of local beacons of hope, community and safety. He then increases taxes on working families and the middle class to compensate. It is a dead-end policy that is wrong and unfair. I will stop it.

There is a better way. I will be a Mayor who makes fighting crime our first priority. I have served nearly 35 years in public safety. I have been a street cop and I fought injustice inside of police organizations. I have been called on to bind together communities that were torn apart by racially sensitive incidents with the police. The policies I developed while in senior leadership positions in New York City, Newark, and here in Chicago, reduced violent crime to levels not seen in decades. 

  1. We need to implement a comprehensive plan which offers a dynamic, state-of-the-art approach to crime prevention and reduction.
  2. Turning the tide against violent crime in Chicago begins with eliminating the political manipulation and micromanagement of the police department by City Hall.
  3. Neighborhood improvement occurs at the intersection of Public Safety, Public Education and Public Health. We’ll be making bold, new policy announcements on how to fight crime through a holistic policy approach.
  4. Community policing, along with an integrated social services network including neighborhood outreach and participation are all integral to making Chicago safe again.


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