June 20, 2018


McCarthy Launches Plan for Honesty and Transparency in Chicago Government

CHICAGO – Chicago mayoral candidate Garry McCarthy laid out his plan today for honesty and transparency in Chicago’s government. McCarthy offered his sensible and voter-friendly plan, outside the 5th floor office of the current mayor Rahm Emanuel.

McCarthy accused Emanuel of running an administration that has been riddled by scandal after scandal. From a sex abuse scandal involving Chicago Public Schools personnel, to the bribery scheme involving the Red Light Cameras. According to McCarthy, “Under this current mayor, City Hall has become merely a place to play politics, reward allies, and bully perceived opponents.” McCarthy adding, “For these reasons, Emanuel has lost the trust of the people of this city.”

McCarthy’s plan includes but is not limited to:
• Merit-based hires for city government employees.
• Ending city government pay-to-play with a zero-tolerance policy.
• Terminating the employment of any city employee who accepts bribes or kickbacks.
• Ending city benefits for employees who resign or who are terminated due to malfeasance.
• Conducting monthly town hall meetings all over the city to talk directly to the people and answer their questions.
• Supporting a two-term limit for the office of Mayor, beginning after the 2019 election.
• Hiring a Chief Integrity Officer to work directly with the Mayor, the office of Inspector General and the Board of Ethics.
• Conducting a top-to-bottom review of all city spending and procurement protocols to ensure that all decision are based on merit and empower local businesses – especially minority-owned businesses – to compete and succeed in earning our city’s business.

Garry McCarthy is running for mayor of Chicago to reshape our city’s government for an honest, performance-based government. McCarthy proclaimed “It is time for real change in how Chicago is managed. The people deserve real transparency. They deserve access to their Mayor and the ability to ask questions directly and through a more open relationship between the Mayor and the press. They deserve a data-driven local government that doesn’t sweep bad news under the rug but rather confronts it and works to solve problems.”

Please click the link below to access the Garry McCarthy Open and Honest Government Campaign Ad:


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