Mayoral challenger Garry McCarthy is proposing a “partially elected, partially appointed” school board to dilute the power of a bureaucracy manipulated by a “bullying mayor.”

McCarthy also wants to call a halt to school closings, end “per-pupil funding formulas” and distribute education dollars “more equitably … based on student needs.”

Currently, CPS allocates a fixed amount of money for every student enrolled based on grade-level. Additional funding is added to that base amount for students with special needs and English learners.

“For too long, kids in the poorest areas of the city have been given the short straw and stood at the back of the line for school funds. The mayor has given them nothing but scraps and school closings,” said a policy statement on education posted Tuesday on McCarthy’s website.

“Social services and activity programs have been eliminated due to the mayor’s irresponsible budgeting. … We must end the closure of our schools and begin providing two-tier wraparound social services to assist families and students. Schools should be the `hub’ of every community.”

McCarthy’s policy also takes aim at Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s signature push for a longer school day and school year.

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